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Hidden Dublin Walks - Haunted History Tour

Hidden Dublin Walks

Activity Type: Walking Tour

Tour RunsThur 8.00pm | Sat 8.00pm | Mon 8.00pm (All year Except 23rd-26th, 31st December and 1st Jan)

                    Duration: Approximately 2 hours.

Tour Departs: The Small Square (Next To City hall On Dame Street)

Minimum required: 2 people

Languages Available: English

Description: Whilst most of Dublin’s grisly past has been left behind to history, not every character has decided to pass over into the next world.

The Emerald Isle is known as being one of the most haunted countries on the planet with many of the world's most famous supernatural characters and stories finding their roots in the tales told across the centuries by our ancestors around Irish peat fires on dark, dank nights. Each wave of human culture from the Celts to the Protestant ascendancy has left a mark when it comes to the haunted history of this city. It is this diversity which makes Dublin’s other-worldly folklore so fascinating. 

Let us lead you through the eerie, cobblestoned streets, hearing tales from the underbelly of this city, such as the burning of 18th century madam Darkey "The Witch" Kelly, the tragic tale of The Green Lady of St. Audoen’s and how Dublin's "Hell" got its name. As we walk, learn of the period in which The Dolocher stalked our streets, and hear tales of the mysterious 18th century Hellfire Club and its dark origins, until we reach the Gates of Hell... and enter – beware, we have a key!

This unique tour covers the more macabre and gruesome aspects of Dublin’s history as well as tales of the supernatural which have frightened Dubliners for centuries.

Hidden Dublin Walks are pleased to be the only haunted tour in Dublin associated with PSI Ireland (PARANORMAL STUDY AND INVESTIGATION IRELAND).

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