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Extreme Ireland - Traditional Irish Storytelling

Extreme Ireland / Irish Day Tours

Activity Type: Coachtour, Sightseeing

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday

Arrival Time: tours depart 7:15am (Pick-up time), arrival 10min prior to departure.

Departure Location: College Green - outside Ulster Bank

Minimum required: 5 people

Languages Available: English


Ireland's Only Custom Built Traditional Irish Storytelling Bus!

Jump aboard our unique bus at College Green as we set off on a lyrical journey into Ireland's past,

both Mythical and Historical. Imagine a land roamed by Faries, Giants and Pookas, and listen to

stories of how the faries came into existence. The Tuathe De Danaan forced underground and

became known as different entities namely Faries, Sidhe, and most famously the Leprachauns. You

will hear an enthralling story of the trickery of the leprachauns on the Vikings at the founding of




Arrive at the peninsula of Beann Eadair

We will take you to a beautiful spot on the East coast with views of the lighthouse at Howth Head.

Around this spot there are many sightings of Merrows, Irish Mermen, who are not as beautiful as

their female counterparts. While both have the tail of a fish, the similarity ends there. The Merrows

have a male torso, small finns instead of arms, and the snout of a pig, and little ears. Learn of the

friendship of Jack O'Mahoney and one of these fellows. Conn of the Hundred battles used to stroll

along these beaches. Back on the bus a complimentary drink and some more tall tales!

St Annes Park - Brian Boru, The Irish King

Next stop on this historical tour is Clontarf, which was the site of one of Ireland's largest and

probably the most influential battle Ireland has ever seen. The Battle of Clontarf ended Viking rule

over Ireland but also brought the death of Brian Boru, one of Ireland's most loved Kings. St Anne's

park, with its beautiful flora, is very popular with the Fairies so mind your step, you don't want to

anger them for they are vengeful and powerful. What is that wailing sound, can you hear that

scream behind you?! What's going on?!


4) Fionn MacCumahail

Fionn MacCumahail - the most famed leader of the Fianna, an army of warriors who served the High

King of Ireland. Their legendary deeds are full of valour, cunning and heroism. However, many tales

expose the human side to these men and we see their pride, jealousy and vengeful nature as well.

Your guide will entertain you with fables and stories of these great characters.

Finish at The Church Bar On Mary Street approx 9.15pm

Your story telling tour ends at The Church Bar On Mary Street - the place where Arthur Guinness was

married and where the famous composer George Fredrick Handel practiced his famous ‘Messiah’

before its first performance in Fishamble street, just across the river! Before we lead you inside, we

have one more very special, traditional song we would like to sing for you !



Free glass of Guinness| Peninsula of Beann Eadair (Howth)   | St Annes Park Clontarf | Professional

Actors | Church Bar



1:45pm Depart Dublin city from the College Green Tourism office, opposite Trinity College main gate

2:00pm Visit the Peninsula of Beann Eadair (Howth)   and North Strand

2:30pm St Annes Park Clontarf

3:00pm Depart St Annes Park for the Church bar and do some stops on the way.

3:45pm Finish off at the Church bar.


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