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Extreme Ireland - Belfast City

Extreme Ireland / Irish Day Tours

Activity Type: Coachtour, Sightseeing

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday

Arrival Time: tours depart 8:00am (Pick-up time), arrival 15min prior to departure, Drop Off 7:30pm (Approx)

Departure Location: Suffolk Street, Outside the old stone church

Minimum required: 5 people

Languages Available: English

Description: Price of the tour includes a guided tour of Belfast City, including a visit to The Belfast Peace Wall ( one of Ireland's 7 Wonders ), the Republican Museum, St Patricks Grave & Exhibition Centre at Downpatrick, Dundrum Castle and The Mourne Mountains.


When you have done and seen everything there is to do in Dublin, why not have a change of scene and visit northern Ireland and the great city of Belfast- just 2 hours away? See the 'Belfast Peace Wall' one of Ireland's 7 wonders and travel through the amazing northern countryside. You will stop at many areas of outstanding beauty and historical significance along the way.

Just sit back and enjoy the view while your experienced guide tells you stories of old and interesting tales. They will tell you all about Northern Ireland and its history. Each of our guides are unique and will add their own knowledge of the area and make your tour one to remember.

Once we leave Dublin and hit the motorway we will head directly for the great city of Belfast. When we arrive in the city we will begin your introduction by giving a political and historical guided tour of the city This includes a visit to the Republican Museum along with a photo stop at The Belfast Peace wall, a 25ft wall which separates the Catholics from the Protestants. You will then have some free time to explore the vibrant city centre and have lunch in one of the many restaurants and pubs which fill the city. We then visit the birthplace of 'RMS Titanic' at the Belfast dockyards before we set off for some more exciting stops.

Before we cross back over the border we have some more amazing sites to show you, not least the town of Downpatrick, ( meaning Patrick's stronghold ) the last resting place of the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. Then to the seaside village of Dundrum where we will show you the great Norman castle there. As we drive down the coast we will stop at Ross' monument dedicated to the man who burned down the White House set on a beautiful stretch of coastline.

We then hit the road back down south and cross back over the border while we reminisce about our days adventure to northern Ireland.

Every day we depart on our Belfast one day tour from Suffolk Street, ( outside the old stone church ). You guide will then introduce themselves to you, run through some safety checks and make sure everyone is happy before you set off on the 1 day tour to Belfast from Dublin. Once you hit the motorway your guide will give you an overview on the history of Northern Ireland, it's troubles and politics and explain the origins of the conflict so everything will make more sense to you once you arrive.

Belfast is about half the size of Dublin, so it's not particularly large. Once we enter the city we will first visit west Belfast which is the location of the famous the Peace Wall which runs through this part of the city separating the loylist and republician communities. You will stop here and read the many comments of encouragement written on the wall by thousands of visitors including Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela. You will also see many of the famous murals along the way. You will also visit the Republican museum which tells the story of Irish freedom from the republican perspective. Note that this closed on Sunday's and Monday's.

You'll have worked up a hunger by now so your guide will drop you into the city centre for some free time and to grab a bit to eat. There are lots of things to discover and explore in this vibrant city. Here are some suggestions ;
• Visit the busiest and arguably the best bar in Belfast. The Victorian Crown Bar.
• Visit the Grand Opera house and visit St. Anne's cathedral.
• The Albert Memorial Clock, Belfast's own leaning clock tower!
• Visit one of the main landmark buildings in the city - Belfast City Hall

After your free time we pick you up and begin the second half of the Belfast city guided tour which includes east Belfast. We will also visit the cities dockyards where the famous RMS Titanic was built before we leave the city for the town of Downpatrick.

Downpatrick means 'Patrick's stronghold' and is the resting place of Ireland's most famous saint. Here you will first visit the Saint Patrick exhibition centre which tells the story of the great man, how he arrived in Ireland and how he brought Christianity to Ireland. When you learn all there is to know about the great saint we will take a short walk behind the centre to visit the cathedral and the grave of St Patrick.

Dundrum is a beautiful seaside village just a short drive from Downpatrick. Here you will visit a great Norman castle built in the 12th century by John De Courcy. This ruin stronghold sits on high ground with fortified walls and a central tower building. One can climb a medieval staircase to the top of the outer walls and take in the amazing views that go on for miles.

The largest mountain range in northern Ireland is the Mourne Mountains. After we leave Dundrum castle this will be you next destination. The Mournes are one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Ireland with the highest peak call Slieve Donard which you can clearly see towering over the rest of the peaks. You guide will take you to a spectacular lake stop and then show you 'gravity hill' where you will see the bus roll up a hill all by itself.

Sadly all great things must come to an end and we must start to make our way back to Dublin. But not before one last photo stop at Ross' Monument set on a fantastic coastal road. This 99ft spire was erected and dedicated to Major General Robert Ross who burned down the White House in retaliation of American troops burning of York in 1813 ( now modern Toronto ). You should arrive back in Dublin at about 19:30hrs.

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