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Day Tours Unplugged - Newgrange Day Tour

Day Tours Unplugged

Activity Type: Full day guided tour to Newgrange Boyne Valley - Monasterboice - Hill of Tara - Slane

Tour Runs: Everyday 18 March - 31 October / Monday - Wednesday - Friday Nov - 16 March

Pick up Location: (passengers need to be there 10min prior to departure)

Pickup location - Gresham Hotel (outside on front steps) - 0820

Pickup location - Suffolk Street tourist office (steps off church) - 0830

Return to Dublin: 16:30 hrs (approx.)

Languages Available: English

Description: Why book our Newgrange day tour to the Boyne valley from Dublin?

  • Our Celtic Newgrange, Boyne valley tour is unique visiting all of these ancient heritage sites, Newgrange - Monasterboice - Hill of Tara - Hill of Slane.

  • The Boyne valley in County Meath is recognised as one of the most important Unesco World Heritage sites in all of Ireland. 

  • Enjoy a personal experience (only 14 persons on our Newgrange day tour) 

  • Our guides are Failte Ireland approved. You can be assured of a personal, quality service throughout your Newgrange day tour.

  • Exceptional value with guaranteed entrance into Newgrange passage tomb.

  • Other Newgrange tours travel in large groups 53 persons

What is included on our Newgrange day tour -

  1. Entrance and guided tour at Newgrange Passage Tomb

  2. Entrance into Newgrange visitor centre UNESCO World Heritage Site

  3. Entrance and guided tour at Monasterboice (High crosses)

  4. Guided walking tour at Hill of Slane (associated with Saint Patrick)

  5. Entrance and guided tour at Hill of Tara (ancient Celtic ritual site)

  6. All Entrance fees included in cost of your tour ticket

Newgrange Celtic Day Tour availability and departure times - 

Departs (Dublin 0820am - returns to Dublin approx. 1600 / 1630 hrs)  ► Once you click on the check availability button below (you will be able to select a pickup location) ► When payment is confirmed you then receive an auto generated tour confirmation via e mail ►Advanced online booking is required. (However why not)

Visit 1 - Newgrange Tour "Stone age passage tomb" (c.3,200 B.C)

Visiting Newgrange (c 3,200 B.C.) an ancient monument in the Boyne Valley is a must for every visitor to Ireland. This is one of the places in Ireland that will take your breath away simply by being there. Newgrange passage tomb is arguably one of the finest monuments of European pre-history, it was built during the Neolithic or New Stone Age by a wealthy farming community that prospered on the rich lands of the Boyne Valley.
Newgrange is a UNESCO World Heritage Site predating the ancient pyramids by 400 years and Stonehenge by 1000. The cremated remains of the dead were laid on large stone basins inside the chamber, which usually were accompanied by grave goods. You will enter the passage tomb at Newgrange on a fully guided tour.
At dawn on the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year (December 21st), a shaft of sunlight enters the chamber of Newgrange through a specially designed opening over the doorway, which illuminates the Chamber.

Visit 2 - Hill of Tara Tour

Royalty occupied the Hill of Tara for well over two thousand years. Here at the cultural and political heart of the Ireland, every third year there was a great Feis (fair or festival) held at which the laws and the rules of the land were discussed and revised.
This was an ideal spot to build a palace and, in time, the Five Ancient Roads of Ireland converged here, linking Crúachan - Rathcroghan in County Roscommon, Eamain Macha - NavanFort in County Armagh and Dún Ailinne. The surrounding countryside is considered to be one of the richest pastureland in the whole of Ireland.
There is a wealth of history and legend associated with this spectacular Royal site at Tara. Tara is the ancient spiritual and political Capital of Ireland.

Visit 3 - Hill of Slane Tour "The Pagan Versus St.Patrick"

St. Patrick has become synonymous with things Irish; from shamrocks to the shortage of snakes on this Isle. Saint Patrick came to convert Ireland’s Celtic pagans. This he did with great symbolic flare. As the Druids celebrated their feast day on the Hill of Tara, Patrick prepared the Easter feast on the Hill of Slane. He lit his paschal fire at Slane, before the Druids could kindle their sacred fire at Tara. 
Seeing the flames at Slane, the Druids, warned Laegaire, the High King, that if Patrick’s fire was not put out immediately, it would burn forever in Ireland. The rest as they say is history;

Visit 4 - Monasterboice tour - see Ireland's most famous High Crosses

This is one of Ireland's best-known and earliest religious sites. Enjoy a fully guided walking tour amongst the remains of two churches, a Round Tower, three High Crosses and a pre Gothic sundial. Founded in the 5th century by St. Buite, the monastery became a renowned seat of learning and art. Discover the awe inspiring High Crosses, the most impressive of which is The Cross of Muiredach, standing a massive 17ft 8in, the cross clearly depicts scenes from the Bible, carved in the stone over one thousand years ago.

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